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We Put Our Reputation On the Line

What sets us apart can be seen in the details, the quality of products we manufacture and materials used, our customer service and respect for your time lines.   When you choose a supplier, you also choose the people behind it.   That’s why Winner Medical has become the first choice of customers who expect high quality products but competitive prices!   Since its founding, Winner Medical has become known not just for the quality of our products, but for our honesty, reliability, and strong commitment to total customer satisfaction.   

When You Work with Winner Medical, You Work Directly with a Real Quality Factory Supplier in China

Since our inception, we’ve been evolved into the manufacturing of medical consumables over a decade. We are concentrating in a selected areas of this industry: Ambu bags of silicone resuscitator, SEBS manual resuscitator, PVC resuscitation bag;   CFR face mask, PVC anesthesia mask ;   Anesthesia and immobilization products.   Our foremost goal is to manufacture and provide the best quality products at the most competitive prices.

Partner with Excellence

We never take our role as market leader for granted.   Instead, we constantly innovate and improve to remain number one. For more information, please contact us now. We look forward to assisting you.

Manual Suction Units
Silicone Ambu Bag for Adults & Children,Natural White
Pediatric Ambu Bag for Children & Infants, Silicone, Natural White
Silicone Resuscitation Bag for Adults & Children,Blue,with Dark Grey Valve
Resuscitation Bag, PVC Resuscitator, TW8321, Blue
Silicone Resuscitation Bag for Adults & Children,Dark Green
Manual Infant Ambu Bag Resuscitator Green
Manual Resuscitator Silicone Ambu Bag for Infants & Neonates Dark Green
Bag Valve Mask Manual Resuscitator Silicone Ambu Bag Green
Silicone Resuscitator Bag for Adults & Children,Green
Resuscitator PVC Resuscitation Bag, TW8331, Blue
PVC Medical Anesthesia Face Mask with Upcheck Valve
PVC Face Mask Anesthesia Face Mask with Check Valve
Anesthesia Face Mask PVC Medical Face Mask without Check Valve
Silicone Face Mask for Resuscitators & Automatic Ventilators
Silicone Face Mask Used with Automatic Ventilators and Manual Resuscitators
Pocket CPR Resuscitation Mask Single
CPR Mask Pocket Face Mask In Blue Box
CPR Rescue Mask in Green Box
CPR Breathing Mask in Red Box
Medical PVC Nebulizer Face Mask for Adult
Resuscitator Silicone Face Mask
Pocket Mask Set without Packaging Box
Ambu CPR Pocket Mask Packaging Boxes
CPR Pocket Resuscitator in Yellow Box
Resuscitation Mask in Orange Box
Pocket CPR Mask in White Box
Ambu Bag PVC, TW8331, Green
Resuscitator PVC Ambu Bag, TW8321, Green
PVC Resuscitation Bag Ambu Bag, TW8311, Green
Ambu Bag PVC Resuscitator, TW8311, Blue
SEBS Resuscitator Manual Ambu Bag TW8231
SEBS Ambu Bag Manual Resuscitator TW8221
Manual Resuscitator SEBS Ambu Bag Natural White
Manual Resuscitator Silicone Ambu Bag Natural White
Resuscitation Bag Silicone Maunal Ambu Bag with Dark Grey Valve
Silicone Resuscitator Manual Ambu Bag for Infants & Neonates Blue Valve
Manual Silicone Resuscitation Bag Ambu Bag for Infants & Neonates Natural White
Pediatric Resuscitator Bag for Children & Infants, Silicone, with Blue Valve
Infant Resuscitator Ambu Bag Dark Green
Silicone Resuscitation Bag for Adults & Children,Blue
Silicone Ambu Bag for Adults & Children,Natural White(Dark)
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